Do Something

Something simple...

Something amazing...

Anything you want to share...

Karmr takes it’s name from the Sanskrit word KARMA which means ACTION or DEED.

Karmr is the place to share your actions, to tell the world all about the thing you did and why you are proud of doing it, whatever that might be.

Karmr is about ANY action so go do stuff!

Tell your story

Karmr allows you to tell the story of your action.

It could be really short like:

“I just passed my driving test”

Or, it could be really long, like a news article. What matters is that you explain what you did, why and how!

You have as much space as you like to write but you can only use plain text and ONE image.

So make it count!

Get Karmr

If people like your action they can give you Karmr.

Each user can give each of your actions 1K. But, as your actions accumulate Karmr your personal Karmr score is the total of all your actions Karmr score.

Generally longer posts with a better image will get more Ks so the quality of your post matters.

But then, it’s what you do that counts!

Give Karmr

You can give Ks too!

You can see the latest, highest rated and trending actions and if you like them you can give them Karmr.

If a Karmr user is your friend or you think they are interesting you can follow them to keep track of their actions in the future.

It’s up to you to judge which actions deserve to get Karmr and which don’t.